Perruques Sérénité offers a monthly treatment to care for your hair prostheses. The following information and the use of suitable products will be very useful.

A synthetic wig is easy to maintain. Made of memory fibres, it regains its shape after washing. It is also lighter. Durable and of good quality, synthetic wigs are also offered at reasonable prices.

However, you have to be careful because this type of wig is extremely sensitive to any heat source (stove, steam from the dishwasher...).

How to wash your synthetic prosthesis?

  • Submerge it in cold water
  • Apply the shampoo
  • Lightly massage the interior of the base and hair fibre
  • Submerge again in cold water
  • Lay your prosthesis on a towel and dab
  • Apply the revitalizer, let it work for a few minutes then rinse (if the revitalizer is in the form of a vaporizer, don't rinse it. Let it dry with the product.)
  • Place your hair piece on a ventilated stand (don't place your hair piece on a Styrofoam head because the wet prosthesis could change shape and it could cause unpleasant odours)
  • Let dry at room temperature (don't use a hair dryer or heated styling tool)

Other precautions to take :

  • To de-tangle the hair piece, use a wide-spaced comb or simply use your fingers. Avoid brushing wet hair.
  • Never use cleaning products or styling products for human hair.
  • To get rid of frizz, use a water vaporizer or a conditioner for synthetic hair.

A human hair wig is a better option for women who want to have long hair that tangles less or for those who are experiencing permanent hair loss.

With a transparent base that takes your natural skin colour, the human hair prosthesis gives a more natural result. Individuals suffering from alopecia areata can certainly wear one permanently.

That's not all, this type of hair piece can also be permanently coloured, dried with a hair dryer, straightened or curled with a curling iron.

Take caution, however, because natural hair can be damaged due to sun exposure.

It is also important to take precautions so as to not ruin it when styling.

To wash your prosthesis, use a shampoo and a PH-balanced hydrating revitalizer. To give your prosthesis a more natural look, you can use elastics and clips.

Since the hair of a prosthesis doesn't grow, it is imperative to choose a specialist for the cut or adjustment of your wig. You need someone who's reliable, friendly and comprehensive. You'll find all of those qualities at Perruques Sérénité ! And to personalize your hair style, don't forget to bring pictures of your favourite cuts and colours.

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